About GIG-MERCH.com

Welcome to GIG-MERCH.com!

When you love music, it is more than a passion – it is a way of life. Your favorite band T-shirt reminds you of who you once were, and who you want to be. At GIG-MERCH.com, we are fans just like you and we wear our favorite band shirts with pride! We know how important it is to show your passion for the bands you love, so we launched this site to help true fans buy official limited edition tour merchandise from a variety of bands even if you missed grabbing a tour t-shirt at the gig!


There are lots of reasons why you may not have picked up your own merchandise while you were at the concert – maybe you were too busy saving your spot in the mosh pit to visit the concession stands before or after the show. Or maybe you just didn't bring enough cash!

Or perhaps you simply didn't make it to the concert at all!

Don’t worry – we are here to give you another opportunity to buy a soon-to-be treasured T-shirt or piece of merchandise, for yourself or for a loved one.

Depending on availability, we stock exactly all the same products that you would find at the gig as well as the latest designs available, but the difference is that you don’t have to queue! You also have access to merchandise of the latest artists that may not have toured your country!

Everything sold on our website is 100% authentic official merchandise which we are fully licensed and authorized to sell. Unlike other retailers in Asia, GIG-MERCH.com partners directly with bands, artists and their merchandise representatives to be sure that we only sell official genuine goods. In addition, tour merchandise on this site is unique and exclusive to GIG-MERCH.com in Asia.


We are based in Singapore, and are pleased to offer FREE* SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! (Minimum spend required)

Not only that, GIG-MERCH.com will include FREE MYSTERY 1-FOR-1 Merchandise with EVERY order!

So whether you want to remember a special gig, show your love for your favorite band, buy a unique gift for a loved one or simply own a piece of official merchandise before anyone else – with GIG-MERCH.com your next prized possession is just a few clicks away.

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