Free Mystery Merch


A killer deal like no other, GIG-MERCH has been rewarding all our merch shoppers from day one with FREE 1-FOR-1 Mystery merchandise* included with every order.

"Mystery merch? Sooo.. I won’t know what I’ll get?" – You ask

Uhmmm… yeah, and that’s what makes it special! FREE stuff is always amazing, especially when it comes to limited and official band merch! You’d never know what you’ll get, but one thing’s for sure… quality + style is guaranteed!

This means purchasing 2 items will get you 2 additional FREE Mystery merch items!

Purchase 3 items, gets you another 3 FREE mystery merch items!

Buy 4 should get the drift by now.

"That’s cool, I’m all for it… shut up and take my money!" – You figured after browsing through our awesome collection.

See? We won’t be offering this if it ain’t a great deal. We’re music fans ourselves and we always look for options that would be of interest to fellow music enthusiasts!

Now all you gotta do is give in, buy that merch you’ve been wanting to get and place your order.

Flex them too online (tag us on Facebook or Instagram @gigmerch) -- let’s wear our band shirts with pride!

*TAKE NOTE: Free Mystery merch not included on discounted or Sale items.

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